CNC Machining & Assemblies for 30 years


CNC Machining & Assembly

Design and Planning

Our CAD/CAM 3-D software allows us to quickly and accurately create programs and manufacturing solutions from the most complex drawings or samples. We’re familiar with all the usual 3-D CAD software and can also work directly from any of your 3-D CAD Models such as VNC, IGS, TXT, PAR, ASM, 3DM, DXF, DWG, IGES, ACIS(SAT), VDA-FS, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, UGS/NX, KeyCreator, Pro/Engineer, etc. that we'll import and edit to create a working program for our machining centers to carefully produce your part. We are often asked to present design alternatives to reduce manufacturing cost while maintaining or improving reliability.


E.W. Yost Co. performs CNC milling and CNC lathe machining of metals, metal alloys, plastics. We have full manual machining support as well. Our employees are trained, skilled, and experienced who have been with us for more than 20 years and who conceive of manufacturing design solutions for the most difficult of parts or assemblies. Everything we do is thoughtfully discussed in advance, scheduled and goes through a weekly job-review status so there are NO surprises and production meets customer expectations.


Our assembly department has produced tens of thousands of different parts and products for hundreds of customers so your project is in good hands. Each assembly run begins with a Pre-Production Meeting where Assemblers are instructed what is going to happen, in what sequence and why. Periodic inspections are performed during the assembly runs ensuring no surprises and zero defects. First Article and random inspections guarantee expectations are in 100% compliance.